A prosperous people living in a secure, healthy environment, with a high quality of life.

To harness the hardworking culture of the people of Nyeri and unlock their potential to achieve the highest standard of political, social and economic life by creating an enabling environment that promotes sustainable development.

Core values

Patriotism, Professionalism, Inclusivity, Teamwork, Integrity and Accountability.




To attain orderly and sustainable developments as a framework for provision of social, economic and physical infrastructure so as to improve livelihoods



To ensure sustainable utilization of the County space by developing spatial framework, formulation of policies and implementation of the same.


Directorate Functions

  1. Lead in the formulation of the County Spatial framework process & physical development plans and procedures.
  2. Chief advisor to the County Government on matters physical planning and urbanization.
  3. Ascertain the development of physical planning standards, guidelines and policies within the county.
  4. Ascertain the development and enforcement of all physical planning standards in the county.
  5. Chief arbitrator in matters regarding physical planning within the County.




Excellence in Land Management so as to drive the Social Economic growth for the people of Nyeri County.



To provide efficient land administration practices to improve the livelihood of the people of Nyeri County.


Core Values

Patriotism, Professionalism, Inclusivity, Teamwork, Integrity and Accountability


Directorate Functions

  1. To undertake Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Land Registrations, Title Surveys and Infrastructure surveys within the County.
  2. To maintain an updated land register/ GIS database for efficient land management.
  3. Chief Custodian of all GIS and Survey data for the County.
  4. County Government advisor on matters relating to land and Geospatial information.


To provide affordable, excellent and quality shelter for the people of Nyeri County


To improve livelihoods of the people of Nyeri through facilitation of access to adequate housing in sustainable human settlements.


  1. Management of County Government residential houses
  2. Formulation and implementation of sector policies, regulations and guidelines.
  3. Upgrading of Advanced Building Materials & Technology (ABMT) in the County
  4. Advancement of affordable and sustainable housing
  5. Renewal off dilapidated housing estates in major towns ( Karatina, Narumoru & Nyeri)

1. Renovation of two residential houses at Ruring’u (Ha1 and Ha2) Ruring’u One month Complete No challenges so far


Project completed awaiting inspection.

2. Erection of gates in Ruring’u, Mweiga and Narumoru –          Ruring’u


–          Mweiga

–          Narumoru

One month Complete No challenges so far
3. Renovation of residential house (Pembe Tatu) for CEC, Health Services Rware One month Complete No challenges so far
4. Renovation of residential house in Ring Road (RIN 2) Rware One month Complete No challenges so far


Project completed.

5. Fencing of Kimathi Estate in Nyeri Town Rware One month Contract cancelled A petition by some residents seeking more clarity on the project


Project stopped following its rejection after a stakeholders meeting on Wednesday 1st May, 2018.

6. Fencing of Mukurweini Estate (Mukurwe ini Town) Mukurweini  Central One month Cancelled No challenges so far.
7. Planning and Surveying of Uaso Nyiro, Chieni Informal Settlements and Witima Trading Centre


(Tender No. CGN/LH&PP/RFP/50/2016-2017)

–          Endarasha/Mwiyogo


–          Ruguru

–          Karima 

  Ongoing Contract period expired. Need for review.
8. Planning and Surveying of Karundu, Kihome, Gikoe and Njigari settlements


(Tender No. CGN/LH&PP/RFP/51/2016-2017)

–          Rugi


–          Mahiga

  Ongoing Contract period expired. Need for review.
9. Planning and Surveying of Warazo Jet, Githiru and Ngaini Settlemets


(Tender No. CGN/LH&PP/RFP/52/2016-2017)

–          Kabaru


–          Gatitu/ Muruguru

–          kirimukuyu

  Ongoing Contract period expired. Need for review.
10. Consultancy Services for the Planning and Surveying of Thunguma and Rititi Informal Settlements in Nyeri County


Contract No. CGN/LANDS/RFP/69/2015-2016)

–          Gatitu/ Muruguru


–          Kirimukuyu

  Thunguma Village Complete


Rititi pending 

Processing of Title deeds for Thunguma village completed


Rititi halted by disagreement among the stakeholders

11. Consultancy Services for Preparation of a comprehensive Valuation Roll for Ratable Land in Nyeri Town – CGN/LHPPU/EOI/20/2017-18 Nyeri Town 1 year   No challenges so far.
12. Consultancy Services for Preparation of County Spatial Plan – CGN/LHPU/EOI/19/2017-18 Countywide 2 years    
13. Feasibility Study on Redevelopment/ Urban Renewal of Dilapidated County Residential Estate (Blue Valley) – Nyeri Town- CGN/LHPPU/EOI/21/2017-18 Rware, Nyeri Town 6 Months   Resistance from some tenants expected.


Contacts and Social Media Handles


  • Physical Address/ Location –


  • Physical Planning and Urbanization- Municipal Yard offices, along Meghji Rupshi road.
  • Lands and Survey- Survey Office Block ‘A’ opposite the Nyeri Law Courts.
  • Housing- Municipal Yard offices, along Meghji Rupshi road



  • Facebook- Department of Lands, Housing, Planning & Urbanization – Nyeri County


  • Twitter- County Government of Nyeri



  • Address- 1112-10100, Nyeri.