The Office of the County Attorney was established by the Office of the County Attorney Act, 2020. The office, as established, rolex fakes comprises of the County Attorney, who is the head of the Department, the County Solicitor and other County Legal Counsel.

Vision Statement

To be a benchmark of professional legal excellence for County Law Offices in Kenya.

Mission Statement

To provide timely, objective and reliable legal support to the County Government and its departments on all legal matters that may arise in the execution of their constitutional and statutory mandate.

Mandate of the Office

The functions of the Office of the County Attorney are set out in section 7 of the Office of the County Attorney Act, 2020 which provides as follows:

The County Attorney –

  1. is the principal legal adviser to the county government;
  2. shall attend the meetings of the county executive committee as an ex-officio member of the executive committee;
  3. shall, on the instructions of the county government, represent the county executive in court or in any other legal proceedings to which the county executive is a party, other than criminal proceedings;
  4. shall advise departments in the county executive on legislative and other legal matters;
  5. shall negotiate, draft, vet and interpret documents and agreements for and on behalf of the county executive and its agencies;
  6. shall be responsible for the revision of county laws;
  7. may liaise with the Office of the Attorney General when need arises; and
  8. shall perform any other function as may be necessary for the effective discharge of the duties and the exercise of the powers of the County Attorney.
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