Despite their numerical superiority, youth, women and people living with disability are least represented in political and economic spheres due to societal attitudes, socio-cultural and economic barriers including lack of access to financial resources, and lack of proper organization, orientation and empowerment.

Traditional financial institutions have a tendency of avoiding lending to youth and women and PWDs due to their relative inability to comply with the high transactional costs, difficulty in assessing and managing their risk profile, and lack of the required financial documentation as well as provision of collateral. These are just but a few of the challenges that these groups face in their day to day lives as they strive to achieve their social and economic dreams. It is indeed in the public domain that there are various youth and women funds and other initiatives which have been tried but whose efficacy has not yet been established.

The County Government of Nyeri, through the Department of Gender, Youth and Social Service shas therefore adopted the “Nyeri County Youth, Women and PWDs Empowerment programme” using the business incubation and income generating approach to grow a sizeable number of youth ,women and PWDs groups who can after going through this programme graduate to business enterprises that can hence forth access funds from other existing financial institutions and funds from both the County Government and National Government Agencies .

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