Nyeri’s FY 2021/22 budget in a nutshell

Nyeri residents have a reason to smile after the County Government of Nyeri  pronounced the over Kshs. 8.1 billion budget for the financial year 2021/22 without increasing any levy to them.

Kshs. 184 million  has been allocated towards the completion of the Naromoru Level 4 Hospital, a megaflagship project by the county government funded by the World Bank under the Kenya Devolution Support Programme (KDSP), which will benefit residents from the larger Kieni sub-county who have lacked such a facility.

Some of the other big winning sectors from the budget include: the Elimu Fund bursary program which has received Kshs. 160 million while Kshs. 195 million has been set aside for medical drugs and supplies. Agricultural programs have been boosted with Kshs. 488 million, with Kshs. 132.8 million meant for water and irrigation projects. Improvement and maintenance of county roads has been allocated Kshs. 356 million.

While presenting the budget in the Nyeri County Assembly, Finance CEC Robert Thuo (pictured) however, noted that the county government will be focused on including some fees that were not previously captured in the Revenue Administration act 2014.

 These include;

–           Lease of County Land (for erecting communication masts).

–           Inclusion of different business categories on sale of gas.

–           Inclusion of various units of measures on the existing fees in order to reduce subjectivity.

The Finance CEC also proposed reduction in various fees and charges which include:

–           Reduction of interest on land rates and rents to simple interest instead of compound interest.

–           Removal of Tea and Coffee cess.

–           Livestock cess to be equal to what is charged by the neighbouring counties.

–           Removal of penalty of 5% compounded interest every month for undeveloped property.

The Finance CEC assured the Honorable House that the county government will continue to broaden the current revenue base and ensure ideal administrative costs as contained in the Finance Bill, 2021.

Nyeri County Budget Highlights

The total County Budget for the FY 2021/22 is Kshs. 8,194,994,227. Out of this, 76.0% will be financed through equitable share, 11.8% as conditional grants from the National Government sources whereas 12.2% will be funded through the County Own Source Revenue collections.

Summary of the County’s Development and Recurrent budget estimates:

The county development budget is Kshs. 2,500,326,670. Most of these resources have been allocated in line with the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP 2018-2022) and the Annual Development Plan (ADP 2021/2022) which were prepared in line with the National Development Agenda.

The total allocation towards recurrent expenditure is Kshs. 5,694,667,557 comprising Kshs. 3,836,232,534 for salaries and wages while Kshs. 1,858,435,023 has been allocated for operations and maintenance.

Key activities earmarked for the financial year 2021/22:
  • Kshs. 160 million for the county bursary programme dubbed ‘Elimu Fund’
  • Kshs. 15 million for youth polytechnics capitation to enable acquisition of technical skills and artisanship.
  • Kshs. 195 million for medical drugs, laboratory materials, dressing and non-pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies.
  • Kshs. 184 million for the World Bank supported Kenya Devolution Support Programme towards completion and equipping of Naromoru Level IV Hospital.
  • Kshs. 40 million for surveying, registration, and development of colonial villages, market and trading centres.
  • Kshs. 294 million for improvement of various health facilities in the county including procurement of ambulances to ease response to emergencies and improve health outreach activities.
  • Kshs. 27.2 million for various gender and youth related programmes geared towards economic recovery from the effects of the Covid- 19 pandemic.
  • Kshs. 4.5 million for equipping of fire stations and Kshs. 9 million for operationalization of the disaster management unit.
  • Kshs. 64.5 million will be directed towards solid waste management including dumpsites.
  • Agriculture development activities have been apportioned Kshs. 488 million for various activities to guarantee food and nutritional security. This Includes Kshs. 381 million for the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP) and Kshs. 20 million for the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP).
  • Other funded activities under the agriculture docket include: procurement of certified fruit tree seedlings and breeding stock, value addition among others.
  • Kshs. 94 million has been allocated for improvement of various markets and promotion of the county as a tourist destination under Trade and Tourism.
  • Kshs. 63.1 million for youth polytechnics and ECDE centres across the county, improvement of various stadia and procurement of sports related equipment.
  • Kshs. 132.8 million for water and irrigation projects in the county. Out of which ,49.9 million is earmarked for water treatment plants and completion of the ongoing projects.
  • Kshs. 8.1 million for climate change resilience related activities.
  • Kshs. 356 million has been earmarked for roads improvement and maintenance.
  • Kshs. 145.5 million will be directed towards lighting of towns, trading and markets centres.

“In the FY 2021/22, the county local revenue target is estimated to remain at Kshs.1 Billion and all efforts will be geared towards its attainment and possibly exceeding the same if the economic waves will be manageable including containment of the Covid -19 pandemic,” said the CEC.

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