Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries 

To ensure food and nutrition security to the county citizen and job creation

To improve agricultural productivity through the promotion of innovative competitive and sustainable Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries production systems

Core values: Patriotism, Professionalism,Accountability, Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Commitment, Meritocracy, Team Work, Efficiency and Responsiveness, Partnerships and Gender Equity.

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County Executive Committee Member  Chief Officer
James Wachihi

Mrs. Ruth Mwangi

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  1. Organized a major field day at Wambugu ATC with a record attendance of over 18000 Farmers
  2. Participated in Kabiruini Show ground
  3. Participated in preparation and validation of the County Integrated Development Plan
  4. Participated in Coffee and Tea Taskforces whose mandate was to explore ways of improving both sectors
  5. Participated in Sensitization meetings for farmers on recommendations of the Coffee taskforce
  6. Organized Food campaigns Barazas and Field days
  7. Participating in the organization of the Nyeri County Investors Conference
  8. Collaborating with various stakeholders in the Sector

The major Agricultural Institutions in the County are:

  • Wambugu Agricultural Training Centre
    The mandate of the Institution is to capacity build farmers through trainings and demonstrations as well as generate revenue for the Government from the Farm
  • Agricultural Mechanization Services – Naromoru
  • National Cereals and Produce Board – Kiganjo

  1. Formulate, implement and monitor agricultural sector legislation, regulations and policies
  2. Provide sector extension services in the County
  3. Support agricultural sector research and promote technology delivery
  4. Develop, implement and coordinate Departmental programmes in the County
  5. Regulate and undertake quality control of inputs, produce and products from the agricultural sector
  6. Manage and control pests and diseases in crops and animals
  7. Promote, manage and conserve the natural resource base
  8. Collate, maintain and manage information on the agricultural sector
  9. Monitor and manage livestock feed and food security
  10. Conserve and manage crops and animal genetic resources
  11. Facilitate development and rehabilitation of agricultural marketing infrastructure
  12. Promote marketing of agricultural products locally and internationally

Major Projects/Programs in Progress AND THOSE COMPLETED in the Financial Year 2017/2018

                           Directorate                  Project/Programme            Remarks/Status
Agriculture Construction of Kiawara Onion Warehouse for Promotion of onion production in Kiawara 

Construction of metallic coffee drying tables.



Livestock Development Installation of Milk Coolers 

Empowering 10 Women and Youth groups with value addition equipment (beehives)

Establishment of  20 Acre pasture land  at AMS Naromoru:

Purchase of Agricultural Machinery (3- Disk plough, 5- disk mower, 4-Disk rake, Bailer and seed drill planter procured)

Purchase of Motorcycle (AMS)

3 Installed and Project Ongoing 





 Veterinary Services  Purchase 6 motorcycles to improve mobility of AI providers  Complete
 Agriculture – Soil Liming 

-Greening program


-118, 994 seedlings bought.

Livestock Development
Veterinary Services
 Livestock vaccinationsAI and Breeding Programme  -Ongoing-Ongoing (Free services)
Fisheries Development  Rehabilitation of 226 ponds67 ponds lined 

Cage Culture Technology


-10 installed and the programme is ongoing.


We commit ourselves through this charter to the following principles

  • Set clear and explicit standard of services that clients reasonably expect
  • Provide our clients with adequate information about our services in a straight forward and open manner
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Handle clients with dignity, courtesy and respect
  • Uphold transparency and accountability
  • Place the common good of the department, the customer and the general public above self interest
  • Uphold the principles of natural justice at all times
  • Utilize resources prudently to attain best value for users, citizens and taxpayers
  • Devise a monitoring and evaluation system to keep track of our performance in our service delivery
  • Always taking corrective action on errors and deficiencies that occurs.


Directorate of Agriculture

Ms Mary Njine

Physical Location 

Kanisa Road, next to Baden Powell


Mandate of the Directorate

  • Improve crop production for Food security and Agri-Business
  • Mechanize agricultural practices for improved returns
  • Capacity build, train and outreach stakeholders

Directorate of Livestock Development


Dr Mwangi J. Gichomo

Physical Location 

Kanisa Road , next to Baden Powell