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Department of Health Services

Kenya Constitution bill of rights Chapter 4 describes health as an economic and social right which emphasizes that-“every person has the right to the highest attainable standards of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health.

Nyeri County will facilitate progressive realization of this right, within the constraints of fiscal space and priority interventions.

The Fourth Schedule of the Constitution assigns the county government responsibility for developing county health services, including:

  • Management of health facilities and pharmacies at the county level.
  • Ambulance services.
  • Promotion of primary health care
  • Licensing and control of undertakings that sell food to the public.
  • Cemeteries, funeral parlours and crematoria.


A prosperous people in a secure, healthy environment, with a high quality of life.


To harness the hard working culture of the people of Nyeri and unlock their potential to achieve the highest standard of political, social and economic life by creating an enabling environment that promotes sustainable development.

Specific Objectives

  1. Eliminate Communicable conditions to lessen morbidity and mortality rates associated with such illnesses.
  2. Halt, and reverse increasing burden of Non communicable conditions
  3. Reduce the burden of Violence & Injuries
  4. Provide essential Medical services at various health facilities.
  5. Minimize exposure to health Risk factors
  6. Strengthen collaboration with Health Related Sectors in strengthening health services.

Health Facility status

Level of service delivery Number owned by County Government   Number owned by Faith Based Organization  Number owned Privately 
Referral Hospital (Tier 5) 1 0 0
Hospitals (Tier 4) 4 3 3
Health centers (Tier 3) 107 17 0
Dispensaries (Tier 2) 228 (Private clinics)
Community Units (Tier 1) 251 0 0


      Name of the Hospital Location Ownership Contact

Name of the Hospital Location Ownership Contact
Nyeri County Referral Hospital Nyeri Central County 0724249693
Mt. Kenya Hospital Nyeri Central County 0722270955
Othaya  Hospital Othaya Town County 0775672641
Mukurweini  Hospital Mukurweini County 0720747323
Karatina Hospital Karatina County 0721600982
Mathari Mission Hospital Nyeri Central Faith Based 0729098324
PCEA Tumu Tumu Hospital Nyeri Central Faith Based 0720948474
Mary Immaculate Hospital Mweiga Faith Based 0723576106
Outspan Hospital Nyeri Central Private 0722696901
Jamii Hospital Karatina Private 0711122677
Karatina Nursing Home Karatina Private 0725825181

Ambulance services

  Ambulance Services Owner Contact
1 Nyeri County Health Services Ambulances County 0717001649
2 Red Cross Charitable Organization 0722774693/0720596661
3 Consolata Mathari Mission Hospital Faith based Organization 0729098324/0203536939
4 Mary Immaculate Hospital Faith based Organization 0723576106
5 Outspan Hospital Private 0722696901/0612030742
6 PCEA TumuTumu Hospital Private 0720948474


Functions of the Department

  1. Coordinate the provision of preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services;  
  2. Develop county health policies, strategies, laws and programs and coordinate their implementation; 
  3. Liaise with regulatory bodies in the enforcement of norms, standards and best health practices 
  4. Coordinate implementation of national health policies and laws at the county level; 
  5. Coordinate public and private sector health programs and systems at the county level; 
  6. Ensure compliance with norms and standards for health facilities and health services; 
  7. Ensure the implementation of rights to health specified in the Bill of Rights, and more particularly the progressive realization of the right of all to the highest attainable standard of health including reproductive health care and the right to emergency treatment; 
  8. Develop and implement measures to promote equitable access to health services to the entire population, with special emphasis on eliminating the disparity in realization of the objects of this Act for the minority, special groups, marginalized and disadvantaged populations; 
  9. Manage day to day human resources under the Department; 
  10. Facilitate capacity building and professional development for health service personnel; 
  11. Promote public private partnership to ensure efficient and harmonious development in the common interest to work towards progressive achievement of the right to health; 
  12. Oversee the management and governance of county health facilities and facilitating their development;
  13. License and control undertakings that sell food to the public 
  14. Control the management of cemeteries, funeral homes and crematoria 
  15. Develop county policies and laws for control of health risk factors and initiating relevant mitigating measures and programs in collaboration with other agencies; 
  16. Ensure and coordinate the participation of communities in the governance of health services so as to promote a participatory approach in health care governance. 
  17. Promote realization of health rights; 
  18. Procure and manage medical supplies and commodities; 
  19. Develop and manage the county health referral system including ambulance services; 
  20. Ensure that the purpose of this Act and the principles of health services provided under section 4 are realized; 
  21. Facilitate registration, licensing and accreditation of health service providers and health facilities respectively according to standards set by the national ministry responsible for health and relevant regulatory bodies; 
  22. Coordinate and conduct high quality and ethical research and ensure dissemination of research findings; 
  23. Coordinate health activities in order to ensure complementary inputs, avoid duplication and provide for cross-referral, where necessary to and from institutions within the county and between counties; 
  24. Provide for the development, strengthening and expansion of a county health information management system; 


Dr. Joseph Maina Kiragu

County Executive Committee Member

Ibrahim Adan Eden

Chief Officer


1. Health Finance and Administration.


  • Accounts
  • Human resource
  • Revenue
  • Budget
  • Stores
  • Procurement
  • Project co-ordination and partner liaison
  • Fleet Management

2. HMIS, M&E and Research.


  • Health management Information system
  • Health planning
  • Repository of Health data
  • Health research coordination
  • ICT

3. Health commodities.



4. Nursing, Reproductive Health and outreach Services.


  • Immunization services
  • Outreach and Beyond Zero campaign
  • Family planning services
  • Maternal Neonatal, Child Health
  • Elimination of Mother To Child Transmission of  HIV/AIDs (eMTCT)
  • County community Ambulance services 
  • Nursing services

5. Universal Health Coverage and primary Health Services.


  • Universal Health Services
  • Health centers and dispensaries

6. Environmental Health Services 


  •  Food hygiene and safety services
  • Village and market sanitation
  • Enforcement of Public Health laws.
  • Community health services

7. Curative, Preventive and Promotive Health Services


  • Laboratory services
  • Imaging and diagnostic services
  • Clinical and emergency services
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Prevention and control of HIV and  AIDs
  • TB Program
  • Malaria control
  • Disease surveillance
  • Non-communicable Diseases
  • Epidemiology
  • Community mental Health and addiction rehabilitation
Project TitleLocation of the Project
Construction Of Kitchen At Othaya Sub-County HospitalMahiga
Proposed construction of isolation Ward at Mt. Kenya HospitalRware
Electrical Works at Mt. Kenya Sub-County HospitalRware
Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Sanitary Fittings, Plumbing, Drainage, Solar Hot Water Heating System and Fire Protection Services at Mt. Kenya Sub County HospitalRware
Construction of New Naromoru Level 4 Hospital(Main Works)Narumoru
Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Sanitary Fittings, Plumbing, Drainage, Solar Hot Water Heating System and Fire Protection Services at New Naromoru Level 4 HospitalNarumoru
Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Two (2no) Lifts At Naromoru Level 4 – HospitalNarumoru
Proposed Construction of Naromoru Level 4 Hospital (Electrical Works)Narumoru
Supply and delivery of a 200 KVA generator set at Naromoru Level 4 - HospitalsNarumoru
Purchase of Medical and Dental Equipment- HospitalsCounty Wide
Purchase of an AmbulancesCounty wide
Construction of a toilet at Wamagana Health centreWamagana
Construction of sanitation block and fencing at Gatiko dispensaryKirimukuyu
Renovation of Thaithi Health CentreKirimukuyu
Construction of sanitation block at kiaguthu dispensaryChinga
Renovation and refurbishment of Gatura DispensaryMukurweini
Renovation and refurbishment of Amboni DispensaryMweiga
Construction of generator shed and refurbishment of store at Othaya Sub-county HospitalOthaya Hospital
Renovation of morgue,kitchen & doctors call houseMukurweini Hospital
Completion of accidents and emergency blockKaratina sub-county hospital
Completion of newborn unit block and theaterKaratina sub-county hospital
Completion of microwave shredder and power installationCounty Referral Hospital
Renovation and Refurbishments at Bellevue DispensaryEndarasha
Renovation Island Farm Health CentreKabaru Ward
Renovation Gatura DispensaryMukurwe-ini West
Renovation and Refurbishment -Gaikuyu dispensaryIriani-Mathira
Renovation and Refurbishment -Kiarithaini DispensaryIriani-Mathira
Karogoto Dispensary -Supply of medical equipmentKirimukuyu Ward
Renovation and Refurbishment-Munyange DispensaryMahiga
Renovation and Refurbishment-Kagere DispensaryMahiga
DescriptionYearDocument Link
CASIC Work Plan2020
Nyeri County Health Services Act2015