Closing Speech By The Governor, H. E. Mutahi Kahiga – Civic Education And Public Participation Training Program At Tafaria Castle On 5th October, 2018.

Facilitators of the Kenya Devolution Support Program, officers from the County Government of Nyeri and URAIA who are partnering with us in this program;
I wish to begin by thanking the National Treasury who are the brains behind this program funded by the World Bank for considering Nyeri County and actually giving us an opportunity to participate in the program. The County Government of Nyeri signed the participation agreement way back on 24th June, 2016. I however, wish to acknowledge that not much has been done since then.This is indeed the first activity that we are engaging in amongst the many activities lined up in the program. It is a pity that we even missed a huge amount of money for our indolence!
Henceforth, I direct the team now in charge and all my officers to ensure strict adherence to the timelines and activities agreed upon between the County Government of Nyeri and the KDSP. When we signed the participation agreement, we committed to strict adherence of all the conditions. We particularly committed;
1. To carry out County capacity and performance grant activities in accordance with KDSP guidelines and use the funds within eligible expenditure areas with due diligence and efficiency.

2. To maintain adequate records in accordance with sound accounting practices.

3. To strictly procure any goods and services in accordance with the procurement procedures established by law in the Republic of Kenya.

4. To avail all information that the joint steering committee or the World Bank may request regarding the administration, operation and financial management of the activities carried out under the program;


5. To submit any complaints or evidence of fraud involving the grant monies to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) for action.

I see no reason why we cannot honour our commitments!!!
The KDSP as you may all be aware is a program meant to strengthen capacity at both the National and County Government level, for improved service delivery to the people. The program will surely help us bridge gaps in our capacity building budget. I insist that we must take full advantage of this program. Remember however, that we must meet the set standards in order to access more funds.
The program is structured in five key areas namely;
1. Public Finance Management
2. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
3. Human Resource Management and Performance Management
4. Civic Education and Public Participation
5. Investment Implementation, Social and Environmental Performance.
The training you have just undergone here is in respect of the fourth pillar of Civic Education and Public Participation. I have seen the three days training program and I have no doubt that you have immensely benefitted from this training. The need for Civic Education and Public Participation is obvious. As a Government, we are accountable to the people who put us in office. We must not only engage the people in decision making but also keep them updated on the work we are doing for them. That is why we need an effective Civic Education and Public Participation Unit.
You have been trained as ToTs, – trainer of trainers. That should tell you the expectations we have in you. You will be the drivers of the Civic Education and Public Participation agenda in our County. We shall be launching the unit soon.
I want to wish you all the best in all your endeavors.
I wish to now pronounce this training closed.
God bless you all,
God bless Nyeri County.

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