Nyeri Municipal Board

The Municipal Board is delegated by the County Government of Nyeri to promote and undertake developments within the Municipality. It helps in governing and determining the social services to satisfy the needs of the Nyeri Municipality residents.It is involved in the verification of public resources and authority.

The Municipal Board is responsible for pursuing the developmental opportunities available in the Municipality to enhance public order and equal distribution of resources and opportunities as well as overseeing the provision of social services in a cost effective way. swiss watch replicas The Board is responsible for the creation of a sense of civic duty and responsibility among the residents of the municipality and this in turn helps to increase productivity.


The Municipal Board has many functions and these include:

  • Overseeing the affairs of the Municipality.
  • The Board is incharge of developing or adopting policies,strategies and programs and set targets for service delivery.
  • Monitoring the impact and effectiveness of any services provided within the municipality.
  • It helps to formulate and implement an integrated development plan.
  • Responsible for the collection of rates,taxes levies,duties,fees and surcharges on fees as delegated by the County government of Nyeri.
  • Settling and implementing tariff,rates and debt collection policies as per the County Government of Nyeri.
  • Responsible for the preparation and submission of annual budget estimates to the relevant County Executive Committee for consideration and approval by the County assembly.
  • Responsible for implementing applicable national  and county legislation.
  • The board is responsible for entering into contracts ,partnerships or joint ventures as it may consider necessary for the discharge of its functions
  • The Board is responsible for administering and regulating its internal affairs.
  • It is incharge of promoting and undertaking infrastructural development and services within the Municipality.
  • It helps in the development and management of schemes including site development in collaboration with the relevant national and county agencies.
  • The Municipal Board helps is incharge of controlling land,overseeing subdivision of land,development of land and zoning by public and private sectors including industry,commerce and other employment centres.


Jeremiah Wachira Ichaura


Salome Wanjiru Ndun’gu


Perister Kigwa

Municipal Manager

Board Member image

Charles Karuga Kariuki


Board member Image

Charles Muya Kabira


Fredrick Maina Mbuga


Hannah Njamiu Maranga


John King’ori Waihenya


Mary Wanjugu Wang’ombe


Zachary Mathenge Wanjau



  • The Municipal Manager shall implement and execute the decisions of the Board of the Municipality and shall be answerable to the Board.
  • The Municipal Manager shall perform the following functions;
  • Prepare and present for approval of the Board of the Municipality, an annual estimate of revenue and expenditure to fund and carry out the programs and operations of the Municipality;
  • Cause to be prepared, transmitted to the Board of the Municipality, and distributed to the public an annual report on the activities and accomplishments of the departments and agencies comprising the executive branch of the
  • Act as the secretary to the Municipal Board;
  • Act as an ex-officio member of all committees of the Board of the Municipality;
  • Attend all Board of the Municipality meetings;
  • Make reports and recommendations to the Board of the Municipality about the needs of the Municipality; and
  • Such other functions as the Board may confer upon the Municipal

Municipal Board Reports & Downloads

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Annual Urban Area Investment Plan 2018-2019
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You can reach us through:

The Municipal Manager,

P.O. Box 1112 – 10100,


Phone: 0721/0722 019019 or 0774 050 050

Email: municipality@nyeri.go.ke