Department of Transport, Public Works, Infrastructure and Energy

The department of Transport, Public Works, Infrastructure and Energy is one of the ten departments set up to provide public service in Nyeri County. The department is mandated with the responsibility of managing Transport, public works, infrastructure and energy in Nyeri County.

The department strives to boost county investment by reducing transport cost on such movement of people and goods to the market. Transport infrastructure is a key ingredient in economic development at all levels of income it also supports personal well-being and spur economic growth.

The department is also mandated to construct foot bridges and bridges to allow village connectivity.


To provide efficient, affordable and reliable infrastructure through design, construction, maintenance and effective management of roads, public works and energy for sustainable economic growth and development of Nyeri County.


To be a world class provider of cost-effective physical infrastructure facilities and services.


  1. Excellence
  2. Thoroughness
  3. Responsibility
  4. Collaboration
  5. Prudent utilization of resources
  6. Collegiality
  7. Integrity
  8. Ethics


  • To promote quality roads and transport network and facilitate delivery of essential services to Nyeri citizens
  • Provide cost effective construction and maintenance of buildings in the county and other public works within Nyeri County.
  • Planning, designing and supervision of foot bridges and construction of transport picking/loading as well as bus termini.
  • Ensure adherence to construction codes and specifications through regular supervision and inspections.
  • Develop modern packing systems to generate more revenue in major towns and establishment of county Road Board.
  • To provide cost effective and efficient energy services to both the public and other county entities such trading centers, public health and education institutions.
  • To research and exploit alternative and renewable sources of energy
  • Promote production and utilization of energy from bio-degradable waste materials in learning and health institutions.


Julius Ringera

Chief Officer

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The department has three directorates, namely public works, Transport and Roads and Energy Directorate.


This directorate is headed by the AG. Director Arch. John Kagiri.

It has a design team that is composed of; Architects, quantity, surveyors, an electrical/mechanical Engineers and structural engineers. This team undertakes the design of the works and also assists other departments in documentation and supervision where necessary. The directorate also undertakes designing and supervising electrical and mechanical services for building works. It also maintains records of all registered contractors in the county as well as preparing bills of quantities for tendering process.


This directorate is headed by the AG. Director Eng. Sospeter Muiruri.

Oversees the development and expansion of the road network, planning and management of traffic by constructing new roads and maintaining the existing one, improving intersections, installing traffic signals and providing parking spaces and traffic safety features. The directorate also addresses the functional storm water drainage as well as rapid response to disasters.

It also provides related services to the public such as; providing road level (values) for the developers, undertaking grading works for public roads as well as upgrading them into bitumen standards.


This directorate is headed by the AG. Director Joseph Kithu.

Energy directorate plays a critical role in the social- economic development of the county. The department also takes stock and addresses the alternative sources of energy.

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