Department of Trade, Tourism, Culture and Cooperative Development

The department is mandated to ultimately transform Nyeri County into a sustainable, middle income, investor friendly and world class tourist destination, providing all citizens a high quality life.


To create a sustainable socio-economic environment for a globally competitive investment climate, world class tourist destination, and a strong cooperatives sector through investment facilitation, tourist product development and enabling policy and legal framework.


Transform Nyeri County into a Sustainable, middle income, investor friendly and world class tourist destination providing all citizens a high quality of life.


  • Patriotism 
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity and Innovativeness 
  • Client Focus
  • Commitment
  • Gender equality
  • Cooperation and Partnership 


  1.  To develop markets for economic growth
  2. To promote fair trading environments and consumer protection
  3. To enhance Investment promotion
  4. To enhance regional economic integration
  5. To enhance industrial and enterprise development
  6. To promote value addition and manufacturing
  7. To promote and develop tourism for increased economic growth.
  8. To promote cultural heritage
  9. To strengthen the cooperative movement


Tarichia Diana Kendi

County Executive Committee Member

George Mwangi

Chief Officer

1: Trade Investment Markets and Enterprise Development 

Our mandate is to formulate, coordinate and administer activities in respect to trade at county level.

Directorates function:

  • Develop wholesale and Retail Markets 
  • Provide affordable financing
  • Providing business linkages
  • Market management 
  • Investment promotion and facilitation 
  • Training on product development
  • Training on Financial Leveraging
  • Business Advisory training
  • Marketing and exposure Programs through trade shows and exhibition
  • Allocation of Trading places in County Public Markets.   

Functions of the Weights and Measures Unit

  • Promote uniformity of all measurements in trade and maintenance of physical standards of weights and measures, which are nationally and internationally recognized.
  • Control of accuracy and manner of use of weighing and measuring equipment in use for trade.
  • Promote the consumer against the false trade description of goods and services in terms of quantity, quality, price, and composition, fitness for purpose, place or date of manufacture or such other practices as it is laid down in Trade Description Act Cap 505. 
  • Regulate the sale, manufacturing and repair of weighing and measuring equipment for trade use

2. Tourism and Culture

This directorate is meant to transform Nyeri County into a sustainable,middle income investor friendly and world class tourist destination providing all citizens a high quality life.


  • Develop and implement county tourism policy
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in establishing and enforcing a code of practice for tourism at all levels. 
  • To develop, promote and diversify tourism products and cultural heritage for increased economic growth.
  • Sensitize local communities on the conservation of tourism resources and attractions 
  • To promote and develop all aspects of performing arts, visual arts, tangible and intangible cultural heritage and indigenous health, nutrition and environment for sustainable development.
  • Coordinate capacity development and setting of standards in the hospitality industry 
  • Undertake and coordinate research in the county in regards to the tourism industry.
  • Set, regulate and monitor standards of service for hotels, restaurants and regulating tourism enterprises with oversight authority in all matters tourism.  
  • Internal and external resource mobilization in consultation with the treasury for the development of tourism.
  • Liaise and collaborate with international, national and regional institutions on tourism issues. 

3. Cooperative Development

Our mandate includes promoting and facilitating registration of co-operatives, providing audit services, enforcement of audit requirements and standards, carrying out inspections into the affairs of county co-operatives, promoting and facilitating co-operative societies engaged in value addition, ensuring compliance with co-operative legislation, providing co-operative advisory services, facilitating collaboration and linkages with co-operatives and stakeholders for the benefit of the movement and promoting good governance in the management of the co-operative societies.

Directorate’s functions 

  • Promotion of co-operative societies
  • Processing of application for registration 
  • Inspections and investigations
  • Training needs assessment for co-operative movement
  • Market information dissemination & advisory services
  • Banking inspections (local SACCOs)
  • Risk assessment in SACCOs
  • Investment advisory services
  • Co-ordination & monitoring of co-operative indemnity by co-operative leaders
  • Promotion of co-op ventures & innovations 
  • Co-operative advisory services
  • Pre-cooperative education
  • Settlement of disputes (arbitration)

Co-operative audit services 

  • Carrying out certification audit
  • Carrying out continuous and compliance audits
  • Co-operative societies tax computation
S/No.Project/Program NameProject LocationStatus of the project
1Construction of Fence and gate house Kiawara MarketMugunda WardOngoing
2Construction of stalls Mweiga Stage MarketMweiga WardOngoing
3Roofing at Soko Mjinga (Kanyago)RwareOngoing
4Proposed Construction of market shade at Marua marketGatitu MuruguruOngoing
5Proposed renovation at ex-beer hallRwareOngoing
6Proposed Construction and renovation works (Toilets )at Kiawarigi MarketKaratinaOngoing
7Proposed Construction of Ablution block at Endarasha MarketEndarasha/ MweyongoOngoing
8Proposed Roofing , ablution block and drainage at Pakoni marketRwareOngoing
9Proposed Roofing and Cabro paving at Kiawara MarketMugunda WardOngoing
10Proposed Cabro paving at Mihuti MarketRugi WardOngoing
11Proposed Construction of Shades at Mweru marketRugi WardOngoing
12Proposed Construction of Ablution block at Gatitu MarketGatitu MuruguruOngoing
13Proposed Construction of Motor bikes and milk sheds at GikondiGikondiOngoing
14Proposed construction of ablution block at kiaruhiu MarketIriani-MathiraOngoing
15Proposed Roofing, Cabro paving and lighting Kamakwa MarketKamakwa MukaroOngoing
16Proposed construction of Market shed at Gatitu MarketGatitu MuruguruOngoing
17Proposed roofing of Kanyango Market(soko mjinga)RwareOngoing
18Proposed roofing /renovation works at Mudavadi MarketRwareOngoing
19Proposed renovation of public toilet at Muthuthuini marketGikondiOngoing
20Trade fair (EDF Launch programme)County wideComplete
21Trade Fair- Cooperative Alliance dayCounty WideTo be held in June 2021
22Installation of water pumb at Githiru Cooperative societyGatitu MuruguruOngoing
S/NoDescriptionDocument LinkDocument Link
1Tourism and Heritage Sites in Nyeri County