Department of Gender, Youth and Social Services

“The compassionate arm of the County Government of Nyeri “

The department of Gender Youth and Social Services draws its mandate from part two of the fourth schedule;4 (f)(j) and 12 of the constitution of Kenya 2010 and executive order no. 7  pursuant to the executive  authority conferred by section 30 of the County Government Act, 2012, vide gazette notice no. 9011of 2020. This includes all matters relating to gender, disability, children and other special groups; social welfare, firefighting and disaster management, libraries, county parks and recreation facilities.  All matters relating to social and economic empowerment of youth, promotion, development and support of youth programs


A lead department in promotion of social equity, marginalized person’s social economic development and disaster management. 


To formulate, promote, coordinate and implement policies, plans and programs on Social Services and Disaster Management for sustainable social-economic development for the Nyeri community. 


    • To Improve the Social Economic Development of the People of Nyeri;
    • To provide assistance to the vulnerable members of the community;
    • To build the capacity and empower Youth, Women, and Persons with Disabilities among other marginalized groups in the society;
    • To reduce harmful effects of disaster and calamities through creating awareness; improvement of disaster response coordination, infrastructure and equipment;

Our Management

Esther Muthoni Ndung’u

County Executive Committee Member

Ben Gethi

Chief Officer

The department of gender youth and social services is divided into three directorates to effectively and efficiently implement its mandate. These include:


The function of this directorate is prevention of disasters; responding to disasters in real time including coordination of rescue missions and mitigation of various types of disasters in a timely and professional manner. The disasters include but not limited to fire disasters, flooding and landslides, oil spillage, car accidents, drowning, structural collapses, mines collapses and aviation accidents and recovery. The firefighting function in particular include, fire prevention, protection and firefighting; carrying out fire investigation , carrying out rescue operations in case of fire or related disasters, providing advice on appropriate firefighting equipment, inspection of fire appliances and equipment, assessing fire hazards and risks and ensuring means of escape in public buildings, conducting fire demonstrations, fire drills and lectures in  liaison with other government agencies and stakeholders and issuing of fire evacuation orders.


The social services directorate deals with social economic issues in society by offering timely and temporary relief to members of society who are under duress due to the socio-economic or environmental factors to facilitate their recovery and ensuring that their  lives are moving on again after those setbacks. This includes offering food and non-food items during disasters, offering temporary shelters especially after fire disasters, offering help to vulnerable children, the aged, the extremely poor and disabled, the poor with chronic and terminal illness and other marginalized members of society. The directorates also assist the community to bury their dead in a dignified manner by provision of coffins where family members cannot afford one and in educating and empowering the community through education and motivation.


The directorate of gender and youth deals with all matters relating social and economic empowerment of youth, promotion, development and support of youth programs including business incubation, mentorship and counseling, business startups support, youth networking and advocacy. It also deals with varied emerging and imperative youth issues and threats. Further, it deals with matters of gender including gender mainstreaming, women issues, gender based violence, gender and youth policy issues, sensitization and mobilization.

S/NoName of the Project/ProgramLocationStatus of the Project/Program
1Women, Youth and Persons With Disabilities Empowerment ProgramDedan Kimathi, Wamagana, Iriaini-Mathira, Kamakwa/Mukaro, Rware, Mweiga, Karima, Magutu, Mahiga, a/Muruguru, Kirimukuyu, Iriaini-Othaya, Mukurwe-ini Central, Gikondi, Mukurwe-ini West, and Rugi WardsOngoing
2Construction of 8 Fire hydrantsKieni East Sub-County-(Naromoru)
Kieni West Sub-County- (Nairutia & Kiawara shopping centers)
Tetu Sub-County (Wamagana)
Othaya Sub-County (Othaya town)
Mukurwe-ini Sub-County (Kiahungu)
Mathira East Sub-County (Karatina town)
Mathira West Sub-County (Kirimukuyu)
3Equipping Ihururu rehabilitation CentreDedan Kimathi WardOngoing
4Construction of 2 staff houses, ablution block and septic tank at Ihururu rehabilitation CentreDedan Kimathi WardOngoing
5Construction of dining hall and kitchen(third phase)Karatina Children’s HomeOngoing
6Purchase of minibusKaratina Children’s HomeOngoing
7Construction of Kangemi social hallRware WardVerification of ownership of land
8Completion of Gatitu/Muruguru Social HallGatitu/Muruguru WardOngoing
9Re-roofing and renovation of washrooms in Chinga Community HallChing WardOngoing
10Completion of Iria-ini Mathira community hallIria-ini WardOngoing
11Rehabilitation of Kiawara Fire StationMugunda WardOngoing
12Renovation of Mweiga social hallMweiga WardOngoing
13Equipping of Rukira Youth PolytechnicMahiga WardOngoing