Agriculture, Livestock and Aquaculture Development

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To ensure food and nutrition security to the county citizen and job creation


To improve agricultural productivity through promotion of innovative competitive and sustainable Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries production systems.

Core Values

  • Professionalism 
    • Transparency and accountability 
    • Integrity 
    • Commitment 
    • Meritocracy 
    • Team work 
    • Efficiency and responsiveness 
    • Partnerships 
    • Gender equity

Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives of the Department are to: 

  1. Create an enabling policy and legal framework that provides a conducive environment for Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in the sector.
  2. Enhance agricultural productivity. 
  3. Value-add agricultural produce, increase market access and reduce post-harvest losses.
  4. Enhance access to farm inputs at subsided rates and affordable credit.
  5. Build and strengthen strategic alliances, collaborations and partnerships in areas that help promote agricultural production.
  6. Strengthen institutional capacity to deliver quality services to all stakeholders

Core Mandate 

The mandate of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries is to: 

  1. Improve crop production for Food security and Agri-Business 
  2. Develop the county livestock industry 
  3. Improve access to appropriate veterinary services 
  4. Develop and manage fisheries resources 
  5. Mechanize agricultural practices for improved returns 
  6. Capacity build, train and outreach stakeholders 

Core Functions

  1. Formulate, implement and monitor agricultural sector legislations, regulations and policies 
  2. Provide sector extension services in the County 
  3. Support agricultural sector research and promote technology delivery 
  4. Develop, implement and coordinate Departmental programmes in the County 
  5. Regulate and undertake quality control of inputs, produce and products from the agricultural sector 
  6. Manage and control pests and diseases in crops and animals 
  7. Promote, manage and conserve the natural resource base 
  8. Collate, maintain and manage information on the agricultural sector 
  9. Monitor and manage livestock feed and food security 
  10. Conserve and manage crops and animal genetic resources 
  11. Facilitate development and rehabilitation of agricultural marketing infrastructure 
  12. Promote marketing of agricultural products locally and internationally 

Priority value chains: 

  1. Dairy;
  2.  Coffee;
  3. Tea;
  4. Horticulture;
  5. Aquaculture;
  6. Irish potatoes; and 
  7. Drought escaping VC (fodder, local chicken, early maturing crops etc.

Our Management


County Executive Committee Member

Wilson Kiiru

Chief Officer

1. Crop Resource Management

Core functions

  • Improve crops productivity by use of technologies for enhanced food security and employment creation 
  • Conservation and management of natural resource such as soil and water for agriculture development 
  • Promotion of value addition and product development in food and horticultural crops 
  • Provision of agricultural extension services for crop husbandry management
  • Formulation, implementation of projects, programmes, policies and legislations in agriculture development 
  • Devising and implementing fertilizers and inputs cost reduction strategies to improve access by farmers
  • Promotion of growth in Agriculture through developing infrastructure (factories, electricity, roads) and mechanization (posho mills, tractors, ploughs, combine harvesters, coffee pulping, coffee roasters, gliders) 
  • Disaster preparedness and response to early warning systems for crop pests and diseases, drought, floods,
  • Promotion of public private partnerships for research and development in agriculture.
  • Systematically collecting, maintaining and managing information in agriculture sector, as well as in projects, programmes and policies


2. Directorate of Livestock Production and Fisheries Development 

Core functions

  • Formulate County policies and programmes and implement specific national policies, programmes and agreements
  • Promote livestock production including emerging livestock species
  • Enforce national standards and promote development of County livestock production standards
  • Develop disaster preparedness, management and mitigation strategies in livestock production in the County
  • Provide advisory services in animal husbandry and community mobilization for livestock development
  • Collaborate and liaise with mandated research centers and set County research agenda
  • Develop and implement relevant guidelines on animal and forage genetic resource conservation
  • Manage livestock production information in the County
  • Enforce County legislation on land use for livestock production and promote sustainable use of natural resources for livestock development 
  • Promote commercially oriented livestock production and value addition in the County.
  • Fisheries licensing
  • Management and development of fresh water fisheries
  • Commercialization including formation of fisheries groups for local fishermen
  • Promotion of fish safety, quality assurance, value addition and marketing
  • Development of aquaculture
  • Fisheries research

3. Directorate of Veterinary Services 

Core functions

  • Implementation and monitoring of veterinary policies in the County
  • Development and coordination of programmes in animal health
  • Data/Information sourcing, storage, dissemination and networking for the animal health subsector
  • Veterinary regulatory management and quality control of inputs, livestock products and by products
  • Management, control and impact assessment of animal pests and diseases
  • Provision and facilitation of veterinary extension services in animal health and production
  • Research liaison and co-ordination in animal health
  • Management and conservation of the natural resource base for livestock
  • Monitoring and management of food security

1. Wambugu Agriculture Training Centre (WATC)

Wambugu Agricultural Training Centre is one of the Agricultural Training Centers in Kenya and the only one in Nyeri County located 5 Km from Nyeri town along Nyeri-Nairobi road.

It is at an altitude of 5779 ft and within agro ecological zone UM3. The Training Centre was started in 1954 after the launching of the Swynnerton plan in the 1950’s, which called for intensification of African agriculture. Since then Wambugu ATC has continued to play a major role in the development of both livestock and crop production in the county and beyond.

Wambugu Agricultural Training Centre covers an area of 38 hectares (94 acres) after donating 30 acres to Kenya School of Agriculture. Our catchment area includes the whole of Nyeri County, which covers an area of 3,337.1 Km2.


“To be a center of excellence for training farmers and other stakeholders in Nyeri County and beyond’’.


To train farmers and other stakeholders on relevant agricultural technologies and skills in agriculture through teaching, demonstrations and provision of training facilities”.


The overall objective of WATC is to provide quality training services and facilities for enhancing agriculture and development.

Specific objectives for the WATC are:

  1. To improve access to agricultural technologies, innovations and information;
  2. Provide quality-training facilities for agricultural development;
  3. Promotion of sustainable land use and conservation of natural resources;
  4. Promote household food security;
  5. To provide improved germplasm to users.
  6. Promote value-addition and utilization of agricultural produce; and
  7. Promote commercialization of agricultural enterprises.


The following are the core functions of Wambugu ATC:

  1. To offer residential and non-residential training on relevant technologies backed with practical demonstrations;
  2. To provide training facilities to farmers and other stakeholders involved in Agriculture and development;
  3. To maintain a model farm for training purposes and for demonstration to Stakeholders in agriculture;
  4. To provide facilities for and participate in carrying out adaptive on-farm as well as national performance trials of relevant technologies;
  5. To serve as bulking center of plant materials, multiplication of livestock and fingerlings for farmers and conservation of germplasm;
  6. To generate revenue.
  7. To provide incubation for viable agri-business to stakeholders and tailor made hands on skills and knowledge.


2. Agricultural Mechanization Services  (AMS) Narumoru


Agricultural Mechanization Services (AMS) Naromoru station is located in Kieni East Sub County. It lies about 13 km from Chaka town along Nyeri-Nanyuki highway. According to records, the AMS station initially occupied 285 acres( L.R No. 1246/1/3/R ) .This was later reduced to the current 93 acres in July 1997. 

 The Vision;

To be the leading provider of agricultural mechanization services to farmers for enhanced food security, employment creation, income generation and poverty reduction.


To promote sustainable and competitive land development machinery services to enhance improved livelihoods of our farmers and resources sustainability.

Agricultural Mechanization Services- Naromoru Objectives;

  1. To boost agricultural production through construction of water conservation structures to provide water for irrigation, livestock and domestic use.
  2. Promote soil and water conservation through mechanized terracing and land leveling.
  3. To boost agricultural production through appropriate and timely land management practices.
  4. Open up farm roads to enable transportation of farm produce to the market in a timely manner.
  5. To stimulate private investment in agricultural machinery.
  6. To provide mechanization and technology transfer services for better machinery utilization and better resources use.
  7. To provide skilled manpower on machinery operation, maintenance and better preparation for crop production.
  8. To generate Revenue for the County Government on the services rendered
S/NoProject/ programme Name Title Location of the Project/ Name of WardProject Status
1Coffee Improvement Program -
through procurement of Fertilizers for farmers
KirimukuyuOn going
2Coffee Improvement Program -
through procurement of coffee Seeds and seedlings for farmers
KirimukuyuOn going
3Tea Improvement program -Rehabilitation of Njatheini tea buying centerRuguruOn going
4Fencing of Mwireri cattle dipMweigaOn going
5Improvement of work place
- by Fencing, putting of gate to Headquarter compound
Nyeri CentralOn going
6Improvement of work place -Renovation of officesCounty Head QuarterOn going
7Improvement of Livestock breeds- through procurement of
poultry breeding stock
Dedan Kimathi
Naromoru/ Kiamathaga
Mukurweini Central, Rugi, Gikondi and Mukurweini West
On going
8Improvement of soil fertility – through procurement of organic fertilizerCountywideOn going
9Improvement of Livestock breeds through
procurement of goat breeding stock
Mukurweini CentralOn going
10Greening project – Procurement of Avocado seedlingsMweiga
Iriaini – (Othaya)
On going
11Dairy Improvement through procurement of a milk pasteurizerIriaini - OthayaOn going
12Dairy Improvement through procurement of milk cansMweiga WardOn going
13Improvement of Livestock breeds
-by procuring poultry breeding stock
CountywideOn going
14Improvement of Livestock breeds
-by procuring pigs breeding stock
CountywideOn going
15Improvement of dairy through construction of a cooler housing for Kairuthi dairyIriaini wardOn going
16Promotion of fish farming through procurement of fingerlings for farmersCountywideOn going
17Promotion of fish farming through procurement of fish feedsCountywideOn going
18Artificial Insemination (Procurement of semen, Liquid nitrogen and small AI equipment)CountywideOn going
19Fuel for production (AI and Vaccinations)CountywideOn going
20Livestock disease control
- through procurement of vaccinations
CountywideOn going
21Renovation of 1 slaughter house (Nyeri town)Nyeri town
Slaughter house
On going
22Wambugu ATC – For production of 50,000 fruit tree seedlings for farmersCountywideOn going
23Wambugu ATC – Procurement of assorted farm inputs and equipmentCountywideOn going
24AMS Naromoru- Procurement of a tractor and equipmentCountywideOn going
25Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture (KCSAP) for
Sub projects,
Micro projects and Producer Organisations
Mukurweini Central, Rugi, Mugunda, Gatarakwa, TheguOn going
26Agriculture Sector Development Support Project (ASDSP)CountywideOn going
27Coffee revitalization program (County Contribution)CountywideOn going
Description Document
Description Document