County Secretary Office

County Secretary: Benjamin Gachichio

Dadson Ngatia  A.g Director -ICT

Physical Location: Block C, Second Floor


Creating efficiency in Internal operations and service delivery to the Public

The ICT docket falls under the department of Education,Sports,Science and Technology. The Mandate of ICT unit is to apply Information Technology to transform the Management of Nyeri County as well as her relationship with citizens and other arms of Government. The unit is charged with the responsibility of developing, maintaining and sustaining ICT systems within the County Government. This includes but not limited to development of automated application portfolios, network infrastructure and troubleshooting of these systems to ensure that they are operational at all times.
ICT systems are deployed to serve various public needs and will ultimately result in reduced corruption, increased transparency, greater convenience, revenue growth and cost reduction. All this will translate into operational efficiencies and effectiveness in customer service delivery.
The formation of a fully-fledged directorate is hereby proposed.

Road Service Delivery Areas
The ICT directorate mandate will have the following service delivery areas:

    1. Implementation and Management of Information systems.
    1. Management of Network and Communication Services
    1. User Support and Hardware Maintenance
    1. ICT Systems Security
    1. E-mail and Internet access
  1. ICT Capacity building

Objectives of the Department

Strategic Objectives

  1. To enhance network connectivity within the jurisdiction of Nyeri county,
  2. To deploy ICT systems to improve on operational efficiency and effectiveness,
  3. To maintain ICT systems and ensure the infrastructure is secure for sustainable operations.
  4. Develop a repository of all council data for secure custody and ease of access and retrieval.

Operational Objectives

    1. To automate all county services in order to provide operational efficiency and effectiveness in customer service delivery.
    2. To electronically disseminate information for effective decision making.
  1. To create interactive website as information communication channel for exchange of views and opinions.
  2.  To identify manual information silos in the county in order to provide a digital repository for county information assets.
  3. Provide effective technical support in the maintenance of ICT Systems and equipment and to ensure that they are in good working condition.
  4. To create an internal communication network service by developing an intranet/Extranet system where County information will be posted and accessed by all staff.

Mandate of the Directorate

  • Alcoholic Drinks Control & Management
Achievements of the Directorate
  • Issuing licenses to the authorized premises according to the Nyeri County Alcoholic Drinks Control & Management Act
  • Establishment of a Rehabilitation Centre in Nyeri County.