The Project is under Housing Section of the Department and was at a cost of Ksh 3.4 M. Before renovation, the houses had asbestos roofing which is hazardous, all interior fittings had been vandalized ceilings of the houses damaged by leaking roof, most window panes broken and painting worn out due to many years of neglect.

Ring Road House HG 3 was also renovated .The interior of the house required renovations. Most fittings had to be replaced. The house is earmarked for housing one expatriate doctor from Cuba. Cost of renovation was Kshs. 1,200,000.

For the Pembe Tatu HG21 House, (Formerly beyond zero offices), the renovation works involved redesigning the house back to the original design. Cost of renovation was Kshs. 750,000.

Below  are images of before and after renovation.

After Renovation              Before Renovation