The National Government through the State Department of Cooperatives, Ministry of Cooperatives in collaboration with the County Government of Nyeri, Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, concluded a one week exercise that kicked off on 29th August, 2018 of auditing the 104 Coffee Factories in the County and the 23 Cooperative Societies.

The activity was aimed at facilitating  the National Government to assist the County Government of Nyeri to rehabilitate the coffee factories and improve the entire coffee sector. Nyeri is among the 31 Counties selected for improvement of  the coffee sector.

The audit team from the National Government toured all the cooperatives while three teams from the County Government- Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishers- toured all the coffee factories checking the status of the facilities and what it is that they would require in order to improve their standards.

Some of the findings from the audit exercise include; some factories lack properly reinforced parchment stores, a small number have not adopted the computerized record keeping, lack of enough and properly established skin drying beds, majority of the fermentation tanks cherry hoppers require repainting, a few lack moisture meters and lack of proper fencing. Majority of them however, have the modern pulping machines of either three or four disks and two levers. They also have enough supply of water for from the nearby rivers.

When asked the requirements to upgrade the standard of the factories, most factory managers proposed that they need more metallic drying tables, repainting of the cherry hoppers and fermentation tanks, proper fencing, reinforcement of their bin stores and power backup systems.