Department of Trade, Tourism and Co-Operative Development

A prosperous people in a secure, healthy environment, with a high quality of life.

To harness the hardworking culture of the people of Nyeri and unlock their potential to achieve the highest standard of political, social and economic life by creating an enabling environment that promotes sustainable develoment.

Core values: Patriotism, Professionalism, Inclusivity, Teamwork, Integrity and Accountability

  1. To promote and develop all aspects of performing arts.
  2. To promote and develop all aspects of visual arts
  3. To revitalize, promote and develop indigenous languages and oral traditions through:
  4. To educate the public on all aspects of tangible and intangible cultural heritage through:
  5. To promote and develop various aspects of indigenous health, nutrition and environment for
    sustainable development
  • Advice on policy issues on matters related to culture.
  • Attend to general/specific enquires on cultural promotion and development.
  • Offer technical and expert assistance for cultural programmes.
  • Register cultural groups and individual cultural practitioners.
  • Conduct capacity building for cultural practitioners.
  • Undertake cultural research and documentation.
  • Coordinate cultural exchange programmes.
  1. Implementation of national tourism policies, strategies and programmes.
  1. Development and implementation of country tourism strategies and regulations

        in collaboration with the National Government.

  1. Development and implementation of County tourism development plans and

        projects in collaboration with National Government.

  1. Co-ordination and facilitation of the management and control of county specific tourism

       activities and resources.

  1. Development of community based tourism projects and programmes.
  1. Facilitate provision of funds for development of tourism facilities in the county

       in collaboration with the National Government.

  1. Sensitize local communities on the conservation of tourism resources and attractions

       in the County.

  1. Market and promotion of tourism potential in the Country in collaboration with

       the National Government.

  1. Collaboration and compilation of tourism related information and data in the county in

       collaboration with the National Government.

  1. Domestication and implementation of bilateral, regional and international agreements

     on Tourism matters as appropriate.

  1. Management and protection of cultural and natural heritage for development of

       local tourism.

  1. Sensitize the local communities on the benefits accruing from community

        based tourism.

  1. Provision of incentive schemes that enhance investment in Local tourism

       development in liaison with the National Government.

  1. Maintenance of standards and quality of tourism products and facilities in liaison with

     Tourism Industry stakeholders in the County.

  1. Undertake investigations/inquiries into tourism malpractices in the county.

Chief Officer

Department of Tourism and Culture Contacts