Location: Located in central Kenya, it borders Kirinyaga and Meru to the East, Laikipia to the North, Nyandarua to the west and Muranga to the South.

Area (Km 2): 3,337 Km 2

Population: 693,558

Population Density: 208 people per Km 2

Accessing Nyeri Town. The major routes leading to Nyeri town are:

  • Nairobi -Nyeri route via Karatina.
  • Nairobi -Nyeri route via Othaya.
  • Nakuru-Nyeri route via Nyahururu.
  • Nanyuki -Nyeri route.

  1. Mathira East
  2. Mathira West
  3. Kieni East
  4. Kieni West
  5. Nyeri Town
  6. Mukurweini
  7. Othaya
  8. Tetu

Some Strengths of Nyeri County include:

  • Natural resources as forests, wildlife, minerals (stone, sand, Kaolin), livestock, pasture, water, medicinal plants
  • Tourist Attractions as Mt. Kenya, Mt. Kenya National Park, Aberdare National Park
  • Main Economic Activities include tea, coffee, dairy farming, milk processing farms, maize millers, agriculture such maize, potatoes, cabbage etc. ballast mining

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