H.E. Amb. Governor Samuel Githaiga Wamathai

 Governor – Nyeri County

Message from the Governor’s desk

As I take this Oath of Office, I want to once again thank most profoundly the great people of the Nyeri County for having elected Governor Nderitu Gachagua as our very able Governor and I as his Deputy Governor.

Governor Nderitu Gachagua was a leader of great dreams and immense foresight.  As we all know, he was a brave and ardent defender of devolution as enshrined in our Constitution.   Devolution offers the greatest opportunities for our people to shape their destiny.  The greatest honour that we can all accord Governor Nderitu Gachagua is to continue with his noble crusade in wheeling the cogs of devolution as enshrined in our Constitution.   As I assume the mantle of this venerable office, I wish to treat this as one of my greatest priorities.

I commit myself fully to the realization of the Nyeri County’s vision of ensuring a high quality of life for all the people of the County as contained in our County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP)for the period 2013-2017.  Now that the CIDP period is gradually coming to an end, we shall shortly review our status in its implementation.

The outcome of that review will inform the basis of the next CIDP, within the context of Kenya’s Vision 2030, Kenya’s Medium Term Plans and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.  We shall fully embrace the spirit and process of public participation in this important initiative.

Governor Nderitu Gachagua was totally committed to the total socio-economic transformation of the Nyeri County.  He had special attachment to the improvement of our roads, infrastructure, agriculture ,  health and the rest of our development  agenda. Even when he was sick in hospital, he was closely monitoring our progress on all our development activities.

I want to assure the people of the Nyeri County that there shall not be any lacuna in the work of our County Government.   Our  programmes  and services will continue to run uninterruptedly  and at the same momentum as initiated and marshaled by Governor Nderitu Gachagua.

Governor Nderitu   Gachagua used to constantly remind us that it is all about the people that we are in Office. He could not allow anything, or anybody, to come between him and the ordinary mwananchi out there at home, in her farm or in his business.  He always used to remind us that the true impact of our work should be felt by every resident in every comer of the Nyeri County.

We all remember, with special admiration, Governor Nderitu Gachagua’s spirited initiatives in the coffee, tea, dairy and other agricultural sectors.   We shall continue to support our farmers in their agricultural products value addition initiatives and to link them directly to both the domestic and global markets for them to realize greater returns for their products.  As part of these efforts, once the County Assembly has approved the supplementary budget, we shall release to the tea farmers the awaited tea infrastructure development funds, which were obtained through the intervention of Governor Gachagua in his capacity as Chairman of the Agriculture Committee of the Council of Governors.   Similarly, we shall also release the coffee roads development funds, which were also obtained through the intervention of Governor Gachagua, to our coffee societies in the County.

In the same vein,  we shall continue to strengthen our health care service delivery system,   up-grade and improve the state of our roads,  complete the construction  of our markets,  connect both domestic and irrigation water to our population,  light up our market  centres,   enhance our BIMA Afya health insurance scheme to the elderly and vulnerable  members of our community, expand the coverage of our Elimu Bursary Fund as well as grant our women, youth, the physically challenged persons and our business community  with the necessary financial support to boost their businesses.

Going forward, we shall accord total fidelity to the Constitution and all the laws of our land.  Guided by our Constitution and all our laws on devolution, we shall always put our people first in carrying out all our duties and aspire to respond promptly to their needs and expectations.  We shall also continue to work closely with the National Government in all our public service delivery services and programmes particularly, in the enhancement of security throughout our County.

I want to pledge to the people of the Nyeri County that, trusting on the Almighty God, I will do everything possible within my capacity and abilities to consolidate, continue and complete the excellent work already set in motion by Governor Nderitu Gachagua.

When we reflect on the magnitude of work now before us and the little time left between now and August 2017 when we go into the General Elections, we have inevitably, to hit the road running for us to meet our development targets. We have to act decisively and promptly in serving our people. We have all to approach our work with a special sense of urgency so as to accomplish all our laid down County development programmes.

My administration will be driven by synergy and cooperation by all involved in the discharge of service in our County Government.   I expect maximum cooperation and mutual support by us all so as to hasten service delivery and speedy implementation of our County Government Programmes.

We are, admittedly, living in an era of increased transparency and accountability in the conduct of Government business.  We have to avoid any brush with the law as we conduct our County Government business.

We, shall, therefore ensure a high level of transparency and openness in all our public service delivery activities.   I will, therefore, demand total honesty and integrity within the provisions of Chapter 6 on Leadership and Integrity of our Constitution in whatever we do as a County Government.  I will not, whatsoever, tolerate any acts of corruption, dishonesty or any other malpractices in my administration for us to fully live up to our national ethics of public service.

Finally, I pledge to serve our people with total loyalty, respect, dignity, integrity and diligence and work together with all our other leaders and all our people in the County to make the Nyeri County one of the best places to work in and live in, in Kenya.

God Bless the People of the Nyeri County! God Bless the People of Kenya!


Former Governors

H.E. Nderitu Gachagua

His Achievements as Governor of Nyeri County

The late James Nderitu Gachagua vied for the position of Governor for Nyeri County on a Grand National Union (GNU) ticket in the 2013 General elections. He won with an overwhelming majority and became the first Governor of Nyeri County. He was highly respected, charismatic and visionary leader and accomplished a lot during his term as Governor of Nyeri County.

One of his most outstanding achievements was in the promotion of agriculture, in which he was particularly committed to the marketing of agricultural products without passing through middlemen. With his background from a coffee growing family and from his experience as chairman of the agricultural committee of the national assembly, he closely understood the plight of coffee farmers.

He is best remembered for his robust drive in launching the pool marketing of coffee by looking for direct external markets and also interesting g buyers to purchase Kenya Coffee directly from the farmers. He has also helped farmers with subsidies of seeds for planting, fertilizers and other inputs. Of very special note, he profoundly supported farmers in their agricultural value addition initiatives. The Mukurweini Wakulima Dairy Society is a key beneficiary of these initiatives.

His other special programme is the fully subsidized Artificial Insemination (AI) services, with its twin target of helping improve the livestock breeds and the milk yields in the county.

As Chairman of the agricultural committee of the council of Governors, he helped the Kenyan farmers immensely. In this capacity, he was able to follow up and get the reimbursement of the previously deducted cess dues for tea and coffee farmers. This initiative was greatly boosted by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta when he removed the coffee and tea levies.

The County Government has during his tenure of service made several important contributions to the improvement of the quality o life in Nyeri County. These includes the improvement of roads, construction of markets like the modern Integrated Chaka Market, lighting up of the market centers, initiating the Afya mashinani programme and the extension of domestic water projects throughout the county. He started several social empowerment programmes such as the Elimu Fund Bursary, the BIMA AFYA programme, the Alcoholic Beverages Control programme as well as the Enterprise Fund for Women, the Youth and the Physically challenged persons in the county to boost their businesses.

The County Government of Nyeri won several performance awards during his tenure of office such as being rated by the commission on the implementation of the constitution as the county with the best health services in Kenya in the year 2015/2016.
Governor Gachagua firmly believed in building synergy and cooperation between the County and National Governments. This has helped tremendously to accelerate the pace of development in the County.

The Late Governor Nderitu Gachagua and His Grace archbishop Peter Kairu, the Archbishop of Nyeri Archdiocese, with the support of H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta, played a leading role in the organization of the historic occasion of the beatification of the Blessed Sister Irene Stefani (Nyaatha) on 24th May 2015. This was a special blessing to the County and the Country which will for long continue to be a source of pride and inspiration to the County.

May the Lord Grant him Eternal Rest.