Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and Hospitality Tourism is one of Kenya's leading foreign exchange earner and third largest contributor to the GDP after agriculture and manufacturing. As a county, Nyeri County is a firm advocate of sustainable tourism is that in the tourism experience we can, together, protect the environmental health and socio-cultural distinctiveness of Nyeri County [...]


Manufacturing Kenya's industrial policy aims at growing export-based manufacturing by raising the share of products in the regional market from 7% to 15 % and develop niche products for existing and new markets. In Nyeri County there are 28 manufacturing industries mainly engaged in agro processing of coffee, tea, dairy, grain, water bottling, ceramics, bio-diesel, [...]

Agriculture and Agribusiness

Agriculture and Agribusiness Agriculture directly contributes 26% of Kenya's annual GDP and another 25% indirectly. In Nyeri County agriculture currently employs 32.84% of the population. With an agricultural potential of 758.5 square kilometers of arable land, agribusiness is one of the main economic activities within the county. This has given rise to other [...]

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